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Unlimited Email Accounts R100 once off + R29pm

Website & Email Hosting R299pm

Your website needs superfast, reliable and professional hosting. By investing in the best facilities, cutting-edge technology, and by providing quick and personal support, we are able to offer you world class hosting and easy to use tools to maintain your website.

With our guaranteed 99.99% uptime, your website will always be available and ready to perform.

Our professional email hosting service is ideal for businesses or individuals looking for a reliable email solution featuring IMAP,POP3 and SMTP. Our hosting service is compatible with Microsoft Outlook and other third party email clients, as well as most mobile phones. Register now!!!
Website hosting only R99pm

Domain Registration R125 ( R149 (.com/.org)

Whether you are contemplating having a web presence in the near or distant future it is important that you register your specific name for the Internet. Do this before someone else registers it. The costs involved are minimal and our service simplifies the process for you.

If you do not register you are going to have to be creative later. e.g. is owned by ABSA. If you want to use this name you can't! You now have be creative and find a name that is short, has meaning, and relates to your company.

Another undisclosed South African company cannot register their domain, as it is owned by someone else and the "hijackers" are asking ten thousand British Pounds for the domain. Don't be sorry - register now!
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